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Source:    2017-08-24



Airblock is modular and programmable aircraft designed for users to learn about physics and aerodynamics, by building and coding their own robotics capable of trekking on land and gliding through the air. Its graphical programming interface makes learning to code both fun and easy, while magnetic connectors make assembly and reconfiguration quick and simple. Pursue new horizons by building, coding and flying with Airblock. 


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Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform containing blocks with over 30 different kinds of functionality, so that you can build almost anything you can imagine. Combined with intuitive flow-based programming, Makeblock Neuron empowers inventors of all ages to develop new skills and turn their ideas into reality.

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mBot is an all-in-one beginner solution for learning how to work with robotics, electronics, and how to program. Code your creative projects in the mBlock software using the Scratch 2.0 visual programming language, developed by MIT Media Lab to help young people think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Five hundred mechanical parts and numerous add-on packs makes mBot platform extendable with almost limitless possibilities.

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Make x Art is a brand new concept developed by Makeblock with the aim of promoting STEAM education by showcasing the people and projects found at the intersection of technology and art. When creativity combines with mechanics, electronics and even objects found in daily life, it often results in unheard of inventions. 

We believe that the future of education is the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, with the Arts – STEAM education. Learners, educators, artists and makers are invited join our initiative and show off their artwork, exhibitions, classes or workshops.

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Being creative is about trying something new, every time. Coding Panda is a monthly coding challenge that takes place online with a global community of curious learners and at one-hour workshops at schools and makerspaces around the world. Sign up to receive a new, exciting challenge every month that lets you learn how to code regardless of your experience, age, gender, language or location.

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